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Trauma Recovery Program

Get personalized treatment for PTSD or Acute Stress Disorder through our unique and holistic program, which leverages the highly recommended Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) used by the government with veterans and a multitude of treatment modalities to treat the WHOLE person.

Who is the ideal candidate for the trauma recovery program?

Our program is specifically designed to help individuals who are experiencing symptoms of PTSD or Acute Stress Disorder. We provide a thorough evaluation process to determine if a patient is a good fit for our program. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and overall well-being to determine the best course of treatment. We understand the complex nature of trauma and our approach is tailored to each individual’s needs to ensure the best possible outcomes.

How can you benefit?

We help you overcome the painful symptoms that result from trauma, such as distressing memories, nightmares, flashbacks, and intense emotional and physical reactions. We work with you to identify and address the triggers that remind you of the traumatic event, and help you find relief from the psychological distress that they cause.

The Functional Restoration Program is a strategic and Comprehensive program. It treats the whole person, not only improving physical function, but also teaching cognitive behavioral skills to help patients learn how to cope with their injuries in a constructive way. Thank you Serenity for improving the lives of injured workers!

The Components of the Trauma Recovery Program

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

CPT is a highly recommended, evidence-based therapy that helps individuals suffering from PTSD to process and heal from traumatic events.

Psychoeducational Classes

Manage mental health symptoms, increase self-awareness, and improve overall well-being through evidence-based strategies and educational materials.

Group Psychotherapy

In our group therapy sessions, you will find a supportive environment where you can share experiences and connect with others who are going through similar struggles.

Individual Counseling

Our individual counseling sessions provide a safe and confidential space for you to work towards developing personal insight, healing, and growth.

Physical Exercise Program

Restore your physical health and wellbeing after experiencing trauma. We work with you to create an exercise plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

FDA-Approved Medical Devices

Our medical devices program offers safe and effective treatments that have been approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of trauma-related symptoms.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy program is designed to help you relax, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate physical symptoms associated with trauma.

Mindfulness Practice

Through mindfulness practices such as meditation and deep breathing, you can learn to manage stress and improve your mental health.

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching program helps you improve your overall health and wellbeing through healthy eating habits. Receive a personalized nutrition plan.

Art Therapy

Our experienced art therapists will work with you to create a safe and supportive environment for creative expression, helping you to find healing.

Yoga Therapy

Our yoga therapists will work with you to create a yoga practice that is tailored to your individual needs and goals, helping you to find relaxation, reduce anxiety.

We can help
Reduce Suffering Live Life Restore Function Manage Stress

Speak with a Specialist

Serenity Healthcare Partners helps patients outside the Los Angeles area secure transportation and lodging while undergoing treatment.

Clinical Research

Studies show CPT-treated participants fare better than 89% of those in inactive control conditions at posttreatment and 82% at follow-up.