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Thank God and the Virgin Mary for this program that helped me and my health, physically and emotionally. I thank everyone for being a part of this family.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the Serenity family and a new lease on life. My darkest days are behind me now, thanks to Serenity. Thank you for believing in me, that I was worth the changes and believing in myself.

The program was really good. I feel grateful for everyone who helped me through the program. I will recommend this program to everyone because it really works! I give everyone here 100%. I will miss everybody. I am ready to continue the work, I am looking at gym memberships right now. I am also joining Silver Sneakers.

Before coming to the program I felt very stressed and felt a lot of pain. These 2 months of therapy have given me a lot of support from the staff. Thanks to the PT doctor who showed me exercises to do that are better for my body. Overall, my pain has decreased 40%. I leave with good wishes and appreciation for the staff. I would recommend this program to anyone to learn to manage pain and exercise.

The program really helped me ,thank you for all the staff’s help with exercises to help with my strength back. I thought I lost due to my injuries/ surgeries. Mentally and physically this program helped me cope with my stress and pain. You are the best Team Serenity! I recommend this program 100%. I enjoyed everything!

l just wanted to let you know that l talked to [redacted] when l went to my doctor’s appointment on the 28th about the program at Serenity and how happy l am at this program and that l consider myself so lucky to be there and that l was accepted for additional 80 hours and he was so happy to hear that and he suggested that I attend this program. So l thanked him so much. Have a good rest of the day god bless you

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The Functional Restoration Program is a strategic and Comprehensive program. It treats the whole person, not only improving physical function, but also teaching cognitive behavioral skills to help patients learn how to cope with their injuries in a constructive way. Thank you Serenity for improving the lives of injured workers!

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