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Functional Restoration Program

We help restore function to patients suffering from chronic pain when surgery and medication are not effective or viable options. Our goal is to help patients cope with pain and return to work.

Who is the ideal candidate for the functional restoration program?

A functional restoration program helps people with chronic pain by restoring their function and improving their overall wellness. It is a holistic approach that does not rely on surgery or medication alone. The program includes various interventions and strategies to manage pain, enhance coping skills, and optimize medication. Patients can achieve significant improvements in their quality of life and return to work through functional restoration.

How can you benefit?

With our holistic approach, we address physical pain and functioning and work collaboratively with you to enhance mental health, emotional well-being, pain coping skills, medication optimization, and more. Experience lasting relief, improved functionality, and a renewed sense of purpose as you regain control of your life. 

How does FRP work?

Functional restoration programs work by bringing together healthcare professionals from various disciplines, such as doctors, psychologists, and alternative medicine practitioners.  The program may include physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, stress reduction techniques, and other interventions that address each patient’s unique needs. By taking a holistic approach, functional restoration programs can help patients achieve lasting pain relief and restore their ability to engage in daily activities.

Our Services


Get significant relief from chronic pain with our FDA-cleared, drug-free electrotherapy and other devices, backed by positive results from physician and patient surveys.


Regain your independence with our safe and effective restoration of function program. Our rehabilitation and physical therapy processes minimize pain and help you get back to active living.


We understand pain is complex and offer group or individual counseling with our licensed psychologists to help cope with the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that come with it.


Experience the holistic benefits of yoga for your mind and body. Our yoga practice promotes strength, flexibility, cardiovascular function, and stress reduction, while also promoting overall wellness.

Stress Management

Learn effective coping skills and relaxation techniques to manage stress and reduce its impact on both your mind and body. Gain support resources, and overall health to better handle stress.

Mirror Therapy

Using mirrors, mirror therapy creates an optical illusion that tricks the brain into perceiving pain-free movement or provides positive visual feedback of limb movement.

Work Hardening

Our work hardening program focuses on strengthening the injured body part and achieving peak physical performance. This helps you return to work with a lower risk of re-injury

Medication Management

Using the latest in management techniques, we help patients manage their conditions and medications with the latest techniques to improve their lives and treatment outcomes.


Involving the insertion of thin needles into strategic points on the body, acupuncture is primarily used to treat pain but is also effective for stress management and overall wellness.

Medication Taper

With a personalized plan tailored to each patient's medication and withdrawal duration, this process helps to prevent or alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Lifestyle Evaluation

Using a person's lifestyle, dietary habits, exercise, drinking or smoking habits, or drug use, this evaluation finds the optimal way to improve their well-being.

Nutrition Coaching

This coaching helps you achieve your health goals through actionable steps, with a specific focus on nutrition and exercise to make lifestyle changes that optimize your overall well-being.


We provide personalized physical therapy options for individual needs, along with various classes including traditional yoga, chair yoga, mat and reformer pilates, and therapeutic breathing techniques.

Art Classes

Serenity offers a range of art classes for all levels of skill to help you discover your inner artist and enjoy the experience with the help of our expert instructors.

Art Therapy

Using art as a tool for self-expression and emotional healing, art therapy has shown therapeutic benefits for individuals experiencing chronic pain and psychological challenges, including improved concentration and communication.

The Functional Restoration Program is a strategic and Comprehensive program. It treats the whole person, not only improving physical function, but also teaching cognitive behavioral skills to help patients learn how to cope with their injuries in a constructive way. Thank you Serenity for improving the lives of injured workers!

We can help
Reduce Suffering Live Life Restore Function Manage Stress

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Serenity Healthcare Partners helps patients outside the Los Angeles area secure transportation and lodging while undergoing treatment.

Clinical Research

Studies show functional restoration has a 75% - 88% return-to-work (RTW) rate (1)

~67% of patients reported improvements and 64% had returned to work (2)

Compared to the year before the program, the number of sick leave days decreased by 51% (2)


(1): Geralyn Datz, PhD. https://southernpainsociety.org/functional-restoration-use-value-structure-newsletter/

(2): Beaudreuil J, Kone H, Lasbleiz S, Vicaut E, Richette P, Cohen-Solal M, Lioté F, de Vernejoul MC, Nizard R, Yelnik A, Bardin T, Orcel P. Efficacy of a functional restoration program for chronic low back pain: prospective 1-year study. Joint Bone Spine. 2010 Oct;77(5):435-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jbspin.2010.03.003. Epub 2010 Aug 21. PMID: 20729122.