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Please mention that you are attending a program at Serenity Healthcare Partners and we will validate your ticket when you arrive at our office. We also provide Uber/Lyft rides to our location and lodging if applicable and needed.  


Yes we can – When you have a Stip case and He / She is still experiencing pain with limitations in their movements, this is the time you should be recommending a consult with a medical facility that provides therapy specializing in functional improvement. Here at Serenity we will strive to enable the injured worker to return to the open labor market to become productive, healthy, and employable.

Yes, we do. Please reach out to learn more.

Please reach out to us to learn more! Our team can assist you with the legal documentation that will protect you and your employment while you go through the program.

Yes we do. Please reach out to learn more and confirm that your insurance is accepted.